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What is Flex Ninja ?

  1. Full Flex Solution System – Affordable Services & reliability
  2. Backend Admin Panel – Easy to use filters and tools to find preferred hours.
  3. A re-imagined Flexer System – Made for flexers just like you, SIGN UP

Why Flex Admin ?

  1. Philosophy: Inspired by flexers & made to work For Flexers, which makes finding hours easy.
  2. Superior Admin panel for full controlr over your day, Filters and Tools easy to use without any hassle.
  3. A Notifications helper is provided to keep you updated about blocks that match your preferences.
  4. An Interactive Calendar keeps your days organized & allows you full control to make canges.
  5. The Dashboard arranges all your Information & helps you see it in one place
  6. Quick Support the Flex Ninjas are ready & eager to help.

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